How to Salt Your Coffee

Salt accentuates sweetness, mutes bitterness, and reveals depth in the flavor of virtually any dish it touches. Salt also brings out the best in your coffee, from the strongest of black brews to the most elaborate of coffee drinks.

Salt comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, which has a tremendous impact on your coffee. Some crystals are dry and paper thin, while others are heavy, grey, and moist. The structure of the crystal will regulate how much salt hits your tongue and how quickly it dissolves. Flake salts, for example, dissolve quickly and go great with  more complex coffee drinks, like lattes. Fleur de sel has highly irregular crystals and a moderate amount of moisture and minerals, giving it a mellow taste and making it the best all-around finishing salt for coffee.

The best way to salt your coffee is to do so right before drinking. Swirl it in and dissolve it with a spoon, sprinkle it on top with your fingers, or rim the edge of the cup like you would a margarita. I recommend sprinkling one of the following five salts on your coffee the next time you find yourself reaching for a cup.

Shinkai Deep Sea – The best choice for all around coffee salting. This Japanese salt is made from seawater harvested from a depth of 2,000 feet, where the warm and cold currents of the Pacific Ocean collide to form the halocline, an area of high salinity that is especially rich in minerals like magnesium. This minerality gives Shinkai Deep Sea a shimmering, bittersweet flavor perfect for everyday salting.

Takesumi Bamboo – The most sophisticated salt for coffee. This is another Japanese deep-sea salt that has been packed into the hollows of bamboo and incinerated for three days and nights in a charcoal kilm. The end result yields a salt with a carbonated mouth-feel and a texture reminiscent of Pop Rocks.

Halen Mon Gold – Sprinkle it as a finishing touch atop the foam or crema of your coffee, swirl inside your mug with a spoon, or coat the rim. This phyllo-flakey smoked salt gives a bright, balanced, salted caramel effect to coffee and coffee drinks. Halen Mon’s exciting texture pairs with the woody smokiness of Welsh oak to create as salt that coaxes the nuances from virtually any dish it finds.

Fleur de Sel de l’Ile de Re – Sprinkle this rosy tinted salt atop froufrou drinks topped with whipped cream or added flavorings. Moist and extremely delicate, this salt adds a balanced mineral sophistication and a playfully salty presence to your cup.

Lemon Flake – A frou frou salt for a non frou frou coffee, crush this salt between your fingers and sprinkle gently over bright, fruity Kenyans or the like. This giant Cyprus flake salt is infused with lemon juice and lends a bright, candy-sweet flavor to your favorite blend.


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