Fleur de Sel for the streets of New York

The cover of The New Yorker hit the ball out of the park with Peter de Sève’s drawing of a chef sprinkling fleur de sel on the snowy sidewalk outside his restaurant. Mina Kaneko and Francoise Mouly from The New Yorker’s Culture Desk desk posted this interview with de Seve: “Putting together a cover like this is a little bit like cooking,” says Peter de Sève about his image, “Just a Pinch.” “Having the right ingredients is one thing, but knowing how much to put in is just as important. At first, I sketched a regular guy in the foreground spreading salt from a big bag, and the chef in the background adding ‘just a pinch.’ By the third sketch, it became clear to me that I didn’t need the other guy. With the right body language, the chef would say it all.”

My mother wallpapered (literally) the kitchen of my childhood house with New Yorker covers, and they have been with me my whole life.  But this is my favorite one ever.

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