Icelandic Birch Smoked Sea Salt

Icelandic Birch Smoked sea salt is, first off, the only birch smoked salt I know of on the American market. So it’s tempting to say, “Icelandic Birch Smoked salt the best birch smoked salt on the market!”  Which it is.  But that aside, the birch smoked sea salt a beautiful salt even among its fine peers in the burgeoning realm of smoked salts.  Icelandic Birch balances many of the best qualities of the other top smoked salts.  It is rich like Halen Mon Smoked (Welsh oak smoked–a real bad boy), and faintly sweet like Kauai Guava Smoked (cured guava tree wood, a solid enough salt, but lacking any pizazz in terms of crystalline structure), and mild like Maldon Smoked (mixed hardwood smoked, nice enough, but among the least spectacular smoked salts in terms of aroma, yet boasting Maldon’s sea salt’s magnificent crystals).  Icelandic is milder than any of those, but full bodied, able to stand easily on it’s own two feet.

But the crystals!  Jumbled grains, unpredictable, like exploded birdseed.  Gallimaufry of crystals that crackle with every bite, somewhere between a flake and a granule.  Icelandic Birch Smoked sea salt is naturally mineral-rich, putting a clean, full mineral flavor at the the foundation of the lush smoke aroma.

Icelandic Birch Smoked sea salt is awesome on less fatty proteins such snapper or cod or haddock or pork or game meats or fowl. Or starches like fingerling potatoes or salads of roasted tomatoes and wilted greens. Icelandic Birch Smoked sea salt is produced using 100% geothermal energy from hot springs in the northwest of Iceland, making it one of the most sustainable flake salts available. This salt is hand-harvested using an old, traditional 17th century method and yields pyramid-like crystal salt ¬flakes that are then smoked with Birch from the Nordic region.

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