Admiralty Sea Salt

Admiralty Sea Salt crystals boast an exquisitely fine balance between microfine spark-like flakes and occasional jumbled bit of pastry-crust crumbling granules. And it tastes beautiful, too. Think salads. Every day. Most likely Admiralty Sea Salt will find its way to the center of your dining room table and stay there, until you run out.

Admiralty is made by Ricardo Valdes, whose experience as a chef shines through in the salt plays on food. It is exceptionally user-friendly.  On blanched or steamed vegetables, where the vegetables are the star of the show,  it makes barely a murmur.  On fish, it steps up and lends a mild but pronounced pungency that elevates the umami richness of the protein, becoming just enough of a distraction to elevate the dish to something more sophisticated.

Chef Valdez makes Admiralty Sea Salt from the frigid currents of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, on the West side of Whidbey Island, about 40 miles north of Seattle, Washington,.  Impurities are filtered from the water prior to the salt making process. The brine is then reduced down, and the resulting salt crystals are steamed to achieve a delicate and flaky finished product.

Admiralty sea salt is available for retail and wholesale at The Meadow. 

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