The Story of Icelandic Flake – A 100% Geothermal Salt

Iceland may be the last place you’d expect to find a salt made from 100% renewable energy. But Icelandic Flake is just that – and one of the best flake salts around to boot. Here’s an excerpt from our new profile of Saltverk, the company that has revitalized Iceland’s geothermal salt making traditions:

In 2011, three self-described “foodies” and graduate students, Bjorn Steinar Jonsson, Yngvi Eiriksson, and Gardar, took the research that culminated in a pair of Master’s degrees (economics and engineering), and reestablished the 240-year-old tradition of salt making in Iceland. Gardar says that the company “embodies calmness reminiscent of the location of its tranquil production surroundings” and “contains the flavor and taste of the Nordic region, from which the raw materials are derived.”

“There is no turning back, simply because we love food,” says Gardar Stefansson. “We are utterly fascinated and passionate in crafting sustainable salt that fits every dish and tastes great.”

Their energy and passion have culminated in a superbly crunchy, mineral-fresh sea salt produced using only energy from geothermal hot springs – Icelandic Flake Sea Salt. It is a crackling-sparkling topping on hamburgers, hearty garden vegetable dishes, and grilled fish. Saltverk is located in the northwest corner of Iceland on a small peninsula called Reykjanes. “The word Reykjanes is based on two Icelandic words,” says Gardar. “One is ‘reykur,’ which translates into smoke. The other word is ‘nes,’ which translates as small peninsula. Literally, the name means ‘smoky peninsula’(the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, means “smoky cove”. Reykjanes teaming with wildlife, whales, seals, and birds is located deep in the bay of Ísafjarðardjúp, separating two fjords, surrounded with high mountains.

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