A Talk about Artisanal Sea Salt with ‘Cooking Up a Story’

Cooking Up a Story is doing a week-long feature on rediscovering salt. I did an interview about the importance of salt and its relation to our food:

An excerpt about the three foundational salts of cooking: “The most popular salts we sell are fleur de sel, which is a delicately crystaled, very mineral rich salt for all-purpose finishing. Put it on eggs, fish, cooked vegetables. We have flaky salts, which are parchment fine crystals that you can put on a green salad, each of them a different textual drama. And then we have coarse, moist, minerally salts called sel gris or grey salt. Steak, lamb, root vegetables, roasts, or anything hearty enough that it wants a big minerally crunch of salt to go along with it.”

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