Solid Silver Salt Cellar Restores Throne to Salt

Salt cellarWithout visiting a museum, it’s virtually impossible to appreciate the unbridled passion for salt held by virtually society since the dawn of human civilization, and probably before.

cellarReverence for the universally loved mineral was such that enthusiastic eaters would commission the greatest artists of the time to create repositories for the prized salts.

cellarGoldsmith Joe Gentry Haemer has visited our store on a more or less daily basis since we opened in 2006.  When she proposed to make a salt cellar, we didn’t hesitate to encourage her. That was… back, maybe, in 2007.

cellar engraving Joe Gentry HaemerAfter more than a year in the works, her masterpiece is finished.   A solid sterling silver salt cellar with accompanying silver and gold scallion salt spoon.  The lid of the cellar opens up to to reveal a 24 karat gold inlay bowl and lid. The entire thing was molded and hand chased by hand, and is wonderfully unique in this world.

cellarWe immediately gave it a test drive, filling it with an exotic beauty, the magnificent new Hana Flake salt from Japan.  We featured both in a zany dinner that finished with cubes of dark chocolate and fresh strawberries served on a block of Himalayan Salt, served with a nice Muscat de Rivesaltes dessert wine from the beautiful southwest of France. Jo’s beautiful salt cellar elevating the dining experience, bringing a dearly missed sense of the table’s precious and pivotal role in our lives and our shared history.

If only we could keep it!  The one and only Salt Cellar by Joe Gentry Haemer is for sale at The Meadow.  Inquiries should be directed to Jennifer Bitterman at 888-388-4633.

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