Super Extra Thick Premium Himalayan Salt Blocks

I’ve been doing plenty of creative cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks since my last post on the subject, and plenty more less creative things. Mostly, I’ve been working (remotely) with my people in Pakistan on optimizing the cut and grade of Himalayan salt blocks we are importing into the U.S.

The happy day has come: the latest shipment of Himalayan salt blocks has arrived, and now, after horrendous physical labor in the warehouse (my forearms are like Popeye’s, and small children stop and gape), it’s all ready to use.

Thanks to the great work of our supplier, for the first time we have divided our blocks into grades, allowing customers to buy the Himalayan salt block that best suits their expected needs. The bad news is I somehow have not yet managed to snap a photograph of them, but that shall be forthcoming.

There is more detail available at, but to summarize:

Our larger tiles and plates are thicker than standard blocks, for both added strength and a greater physical appeal. Large pieces such as 8 x 8 x 2 and the new 9 x 9 x 2 are an impressive half inch thicker than standard salt blocks, and the same goes for our extra-huge 9 x 18 platters. This larger size applies to all grades, not just the new premium.

Honkin big piece of cheese.The thick size is extremely cool to look at: it sits at the table like it wants to crush it. It broods. It handily supports the most massive food, from a Tomme de Savoie to a fan of lobster tails. I still have the 1.5 inch thick blocks in my kitchen, but they look a touch puny next to the new big fat boys.

Regular Grade Himalayan Salt Blocks are for serving food at room temperature, or if you have a mind, frozen for a sorbet or that semifreddo service you have been wanting to attempt for all those years. A Himalayan salt block cheese platter, marinated vegetable plate, sashimi plate, butter dishh, centerpiece, etc., will do best with a Regular Grade Himalayan Salt block.

The new Premium Grade Himalayan Salt Blocks™ are painstakingly selected (ever tried to move 200 ninety pound boxes of salt around a warehouse in the middle of July?), for the most versatile use by the most serious-minded cooks. They are the ones I wanted to take home… Fear not, I get all the funky pieces. I am glad to sort though a stack of the premium grade (or the regular grade for that matter) salt blocks looking for anything in particular that might desire.

Architectural Grade Himalayan Salt Blocks™ are the least expensive Himalayan salt blocks. They are pure and beautiful and similar to the regular grade in many regards, but are only sold in large quantities and may contain some flaws that make them less than ideal for culinary uses of Himalayan salt blocks. Starting a new club and want a luminous wall of salt? Building out a wine cellar? Sprucing up a spa? That’s the idea.

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2 Responses to “Super Extra Thick Premium Himalayan Salt Blocks”

  1. on 29 Jul 2008 at 12:08 pmguy nicknair

    dear sirs,,i am looking to possibly create a “WALL”,,as you say or an area for a family member that is having respiratory issues,,and i believe that creating a space around their bed whilst they sleep at nite may very well help them to recover,,and or i was thinking that maybe a 4 foot tall boulder of himalayan salt would work as well,,can you help me to possibly locate where i may purchase something like this?

  2. on 15 Nov 2008 at 1:00 pmMark Bitterman

    We have a supply of salt blocks intended specifically for architectural uses. With this pieces of Himalayan salt you can construct walls, floors, even ceilings made of pink salt. You can find more information about that at our website, Regarding the boulder. That would be very cool. I’ve inquired about boulders with my folks in Pakistan, and may eventually get something like that together. The problem is they weigh about 800 pounds, so moving them around isn’t super convenient.

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