How to Cook on Himalayan Salt Plates

Himalayan Salt DishA new craze in cooking is emerging that is as old as the hills. Actually, it’s much older than that.

Cooking on blocks of Himalayan pink salt opens up a new door in the old, old book of cooking. Or is it, a new chapter in the big house of food… Like a good bad mixed metaphor, cooking, serving, and eating food on blocks salt that predate food itself presents something of a self-contained paradox.

I’ve been cooking, freezing, curing and presenting foods of every sort on great slabs of Himalayan pink rock salt Pakistan, and have posed some ideas here for inspiration and edification. I hope my brief compendium of how to cook on Himalayan salt rocks helps dispel any notion that we have even come close to discovering the myriad dazzling and delicious ways we can combine food with salt to produce something greater than the sum of its parts.

Salt on food. Food on salt. Here is a brief but semi-in-depth look at cooking with Himalayan salt plates and blocks and platters and planks and cubes and chunks of the eerily beautiful Himalayan salt. Read on…

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