Maldon Salt Gets Smokin’

Hooray for summer, and all it heralds! Maldon Salt Company, in all its infinite, British wisdom and artisanship, has produced a hardwood smoked Maldon salt! Light, super fresh, crispy Maldon salt crystals lightly smoked with aromatic hardwoods to yield Maldon Smoked Salt–a new wonder in the world of salt. We have just secured a nice share of the very limited supply (only about 150lbs available in the entire country!).

I’ll have more (including photography) on this new entry by the big league flake-maker soon. However, a quick sample confirmed my deepest hopes: Maldon Smoked Sea Salt is subtle, fragrant, light to the eye and quick on the tongue, with a clean finish. To heck with meats, this salt will go fine on flightier folks such as fish and fowl, and will shed new hues of oaky amber on your garden salad.

I’ll follow up with more a detailed examination and experimentation of smoked Maldon salt soon (and perhaps a brief digression on the many funny ways people like to pronounce it), just as soon as the shipment arrives and we get a more prodigious quantity into our kitchen.

Mark Bitterman
The Meadow / gourmet salt – chocolate – wine – flowers

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3 Responses to “Maldon Salt Gets Smokin’”

  1. on 02 Nov 2007 at 4:42 pmsygyzy

    Which woods were used specifically? Let us know how it differs from the other smoked salts on the market.

  2. […] while back I promised some photos of Maldon’s new smoked entry into the salt sphere. Here they are, along with some […]

  3. on 12 Jun 2008 at 7:15 pmshahriar


    do you carry black smoked salt too? I live in toronto canada


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