Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate = Smiley Happy People

Our first multi-media tasting event, “Chocolate & Salt,” brought some great new discoveries for all of us. Thank you all, including our fascinating and passionate guest, Pamela Hinckley from Theo Chocolate, for braving the forecasted freezing rain and crowding into The Meadow for the event. For those of you who could not make it, we will venture to summarize the outstanding moments of the evening.

A Washington State of Mind
Red Alder Smoked Pacific Sea Salt and Theo’s Ivory Coast Single Origin Chocolate. The trick was to use no more than one or two grains of the salt on a brick of chocolate. The result was a merging of worlds and times, with flavors from beneath the rainforest canopy melding with the aroma of Pacific Northwest forest.

Getting Nibby with It
Goat Cheese sprinkled with Cocoa Nibs and Black Diamond Finishing Salt. Wow. We tried this again at the Art Opening for Roger Hallin we held on Sunday, and won literally dozens of converts. The strange thing about the combination of unsweetened, pungent, crunchy cocoa nibs combined with crusty, flakey Black Diamond salt on the rich, creamy-crumbly curds of a nice soft goat cheese is that it seems so utterly classical! People from all walks of life and of all ages just stood there, drinking wine and munching away, eyebrows raised in smiley happiness, looking at the art. A definite holiday must. If you need help with the nibs or the salt, we could be able to accommodate you at the store, and we have also put Theo’s Panamanian cocoa nibs up for sale at the online store.

The New Kid?
Theo’s New Madagascar Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar. Single origin chocolates are a special passion for us at the Meadow, and the new 65% cocoa Madagascar bar from Theo reminds us of why. This chocolate strikes quickly, with intense, sharp fruits; lemon-lime, over-ripe pomegranate, then sharp wine flavors and even desert fruits such as dates and cactus. The chocolate gives you an extraordinary insight into the potent powers of seduction offered by Madagascar’s cocoa beans.

This coming Thursday (Dec 14) we will be doing a favorite of ours: Ice Cream and Welsh Sea Salt. Our tour will include the rollicking Halen Mon Gold (smoked with an 800 year old oak tree), our Taha’a Vanilla infused Welsh sea salt, and from across the channel, the ever lusty Barrique Chardonnay Smoked Fleur de Sel.

Hope to see you there!
Mark Bitterman
The Meadow / gourmet salt – chocolate – wine – flowers

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